Journal of Religion and Society

  (27 January 09)
  by Jim Norman

Previously available as a paid subscription for a physical journal, The Journal of Religion and Society is now available online for free. You can either read the articles online or download them for later study.

As a properly refereed academic journal it comes highly recommended for the level of scholarship whilst still being accessible to the general public.

The latest issue has been released, details below, and you can sign up to receive email notification of the latest edition.

I like the fact that it is genuinely across the range of religions (though Christian issues are the most likely to be discussed at present).

Give it a try.


The Journal of Religion & Society has published the first installment of Volume 11 (2009) with the following articles:

Fatwa and Violence in Indonesia, by Luthfi Assyaukanie

Depicting the Bread of the Last Supper: Religious Representation in Italian Renaissance Society, by W. R. Albury and G. M. Weisz

Assur is King of Persia: Illustrations of the Book of Esther in Some Nineteenth-Century Sources, by Steven W. Holloway

The Definition of Atheism, by Paul Cliteur

Barabbas in Literature and Film, by Bill Jenkins

The Journal is accessible online at


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