Religion: Bulwark Against Anarchy?

  (27 November 08)
  by Greg Spearritt

Daniel Henninger writes with concern of those in the USA who might wish to replace “Merry Christmas” with something less… er… potentially offensive:


It has been my view that the steady secularizing and insistent effort at dereligioning America has been dangerous. That danger flashed red in the fall into subprime personal behavior by borrowers and bankers, who after all are just people. Northerners and atheists who vilify Southern evangelicals are throwing out nurturers of useful virtue with the bathwater of obnoxious political opinions.


The point for a healthy society of commerce and politics is not that religion saves, but that it keeps most of the players inside the chalk lines. We are erasing the chalk lines.


Feel free: Banish Merry Christmas. Get ready for Mad Max.


Is that really the chief value of religion?


(Perhaps such sentiments are behind the refusal of Australia’s largest outdoor advertising company to take on a $16,000 campaign by the Atheist Foundation of Australia - “Sleep in on Sunday Mornings”.)


What a load of rubbish! It is the most apparently Christian nation in thew world that has through greed and avarice propelled the rest of us into this financial quagmire.

The denial underpinning Henniger's piece is stunning.

Posted by Scott McKenzie

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