The next Jack Spong?

  (08 June 08)

Via the Common Dreams network I have come across the name of a United Church of Canada minister, Rev Gretta Vosper from Toronto, who has just published a book With or Without God: the Way We Live is More Important Than What We Believe. Jack Spong wrote an unbelievably positive and complimentary foreword for the book. And she is to be invited to the next Common Dreams conference in 2010 in Melbourne.

Gretta Vosper is interviewed on CBC (Canada) here.  This is a 20 minute interview, so you need to be able to download audio files and have a speaker or earphones to listen. Scroll down to Part 3 and click on Listen to Part Three.

But it is well worth the effort. For those of us who've given away the traditional church because of ancient ideas about God, the Bible and Jesus, this is a very refreshing interpretation and perspective. It seems to me that she has pushed beyond Spong, particularly in her views about God.

Is this the next Jack Spong? And does it matter anyway?


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