An Open Dialogue between Science and Religion?

  (05 May 08)

Is it possible, An Open dialogue between Science and Religion? We in SoFiA certainly hope so as we are organizing a conference with that name. But really, of late most of what we have heard recently on the “religion and science “ front contains an unfortunate preaching tone. Of course I am referring to the ‘new atheists’ - Dawkins et al - who also happen to be scientists. However, today I did hear of what I think is a real dialogue between science and religion. The science in question was the examination of brain tissue from a sufferer of Huntingdon’s Disease in a New Zealand laboratory. The religion was that of the researcher and also the wife of the deceased sufferer; they are both Maori. Find out the full story by listening to this week’s edition of All in the Mind on Radio National.


"we know that,underlying everything we see, the source of both its regularities and irregularities, are certain principles. These principles are expressed in intangible and invisible entities with a very different character from the objects of the visible world: scientific laws, together with conceptual framework on which those laws are constructed - the procedures of mathematics and logic, and the forms of space and time. This is what we need to look at..." (The Human Touch" pages 37 - 38 Frayne.

It is important to remember that these laws made it possible for kaons,neutrinos and quarks to emerge to form protons and neutrons andfinally conscious operating in the human mind later and developing all the time.
They prevented chaos from winning out in the universe so that there would always be NOTHING . All laws are the products of intelligence are they not?Can utter chaos produce laws that are the basis of being and growth and development?

Posted by robert halsey

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