Easter v. Christmas - No Contest

  (21 March 08)
  by Greg Spearritt

Catherine Deveny in The Age has an amusing rant on the relative insignificance of Easter.


And she’s right: no carols, no family customs, no fairy lights (though to be fair the Orthodox do have their dyed or painted eggs). Certainly for most Australians it lacks anything like the cultural significance of Christmas. Chocolate and camping: that’s about it.


It’s a pity. There’s as much (if not more) to reflect on in the story of Holy Week as there is in the tale of the wee bairn in the barn.


I’m not sure, though, that Christians are willing to share the Easter tale with the unwashed in the way that they seem happy about – or at least resigned to – the popularity of Jesus in the manger. Easter commemoration is a much more ‘in-house’ event.


Though Christianity needs both, resurrection does seem to pip incarnation at the post for pride of place at the heart of Christian belief. Perhaps it’s a card that needs to be played that bit closer to the chest?


Or is it that our society just isn’t willing to listen at Easter? Are we less interested in a grisly death (even if followed by resurrection) than in a new-born babe?


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