The worth of religion

  (02 December 17)
  by Greg Spearritt

Religious decline continues in Australia, as our most recent census shows.

While some of that decline is to be welcomed, there is also the question of what there is of value that we are losing. Both sides of this debate are neatly represented in the story of Sister Angela Mary Doyle and her compassionate (and devious) fight for AIDS sufferers in the 1980s, at a time when the State Government was led by lay-preacher Joh Bjelke-Peterson who saw AIDS as a punishment from God.


What an awesome story. It is so important to connect with people and see the humanity in every situation. So often people who are critical of other religions or the personal lives of others have never had a true interaction with them. We need to find ways to connect with each other as a community to build common understandings. I still struggle with knowing whether religion is necessary for this. These days there are so many secular organisations fighting for human rights and building community. So I'm still not sure of the place for religion or church in society. What does religion offer that is not already offered in other ways?

Posted by Jo Holden - OhMyGod Blog

If "AIDS is a punishment from God", then it is no wonder that medieval Christian 'heretics', such as the Cathars and Albigenses, believed that such a monstrous God was really the Devil.

Posted by David Miller

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