The sacred in an age of terror

  (14 April 17)
  by Greg Spearritt

On July 9, 2017 David Tacey will address the second forum in the series ’What in the world is going on?’ which is hosted by the Eremos Institute. Tacey will speak on ’The Return of the Sacred in an Age of Terror’. (“Is it mere coincidence, or is there some synchronicity between the return of the sacred and religious terrorism?”)

More details at the Eremos site.


If by "sacred" David Tacey means the positive side of human nature (our highest values, our loftiest ideals and our areas of ultimate concern) then, yes, it is a surprise. Unless, of course, it is a defiant reaction to the onslaught of terrorism. But if 'sacred' is a weasel-word meaning 'supernaturalism', then there is no surprise. Other-worldly escapism in the face of the horrors of this world is as old as humanity itself.

Posted by David Miller

Will Prof Tacey be speaking in Melbourne/Victoria on this subject? thank you, Marina

Posted by Marina

I am giving this talk in Sydney on 9 July; generally I only respond to invitations to speak on various topics. As yet, so such opportunity has presented itself in Melbourne. I will also be giving this talk in Switzerland in 2018.

Posted by David Tacey

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