Down to earth

  (14 April 17)
  by Greg Spearritt

We hear so much about the big world events and the big names in politics, business and entertainment. So often it seems these high-profile ‘players’ could benefit from a dose of ‘ordinary’ decency and common sense.

The Creating Space website run by Australian psychologist Ruth Nelson aims to promote pro-social values, including critical thinking. The site includes a podcast and is dedicated to the stories and values of ordinary people (women in particular).

From the Creating Space mission statement:

“The Creating Space Project is passionate about working with people to help them better understand and develop social values. Some of the values we focus on include:

    Empathy: Seeing a situation through the eyes of another; it is the basis for altruism;

    Altruism: Helping another;

    Compassion: A feeling that motivates a person to help another;

    Autonomy: An essential quality of independence that helps young people resist peer pressure;

    Scepticism: An ability to wonder about and investigate the truth of what you are told.”


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