(26 June 15)
  by Greg Spearritt

Current SoFiA President Rodney Eivers writes:

Two notable long-time members of SoFiA have passed away recently.

Nigel Leaves

I am saddened to have to pass on to you the news of the death of Nigel Leaves. He died of an unexpected severe heart attack in England at the age of 56.

Nigel was very important to the Sea of Faith. He wrote two books on the writings of Don Cupitt. Our older members will recall that he was the host for the first national Sea of Faith Conference which was held in Perth, and which turned out to be a very memorable affair.

He did not take an active part in SoFiA affairs after he moved to Brisbane but was a speaker at several of our conferences. Other books which he wrote, with a progressive Christian thrust, were Religion Under Attack and The God Problem. He is indeed a loss locally to the open exploration of religion, faith and meaning.

Ian Mavor

Like Nigel, Ian Mavor had been a member of SoFiA over a number of years. He was to have been our initial speaker at the May 2105 Conference but he died very shortly before it was to be held. This is what we wrote about his contribution in our promotion of the Conference:

Rev  Dr  Ian  Mavor  OAM  is  Executive Director of Hopewell Hospice and Paradise Kids on the Gold Coast. He served for many years as leader of the Queensland Religious Education Curriculum Project, where he had to confront the conflict between fundamentalist and liberal philosophies. In later years, he held senior positions in primary, secondary and tertiary education. In his many roles in religious education, Ian has worked to resolve tensions between interested parties. In the process, he has developed a deep understanding of different traditions and practices, and of the different kinds of ‘truth’ that underlie belief systems. Ian believes that students can be made aware of beliefs and values as human phenomena that can be studied both objectively and subjectively.

A detailed obituary on Ian Mavor’s life was published in the Brisbane Courier-Mail on Wednesday June 24th 2015.


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