God or Blind Nature?

  (29 February 08)

God or Blind Nature?

Philosophers Debate the Evidence (2007-2008)


(Thanks to Brian Wilder for this lead to an interesting website)


This site opens up to an outline of a book (yes a complete book) on this philosophical question: how can we explain the world around us: created by God OR ‘blind nature’ called here metaphysical naturalism i.e. the result of the laws of nature unassisted by any supernatural entities?


The first section addresses the question of human minds and human will: understandable only from the assumption of a supernatural god or satisfactorily from a naturalistic perspective. Cases for and against, and subsequent rejoinders are provided. Heavy stuff!


The second section looks into question of evolution as the only explanation necessarily to account for life. The problem of evil features largely in this analysis. Again a real debate is engaged in.


Section three considers cosmology and what light recent developments in cosmology sheds on the question of the supernatural or the natural. More debate here.


The final section asks what the implications are for uncertainty. If we are really objective about these matters we must admit to uncertainty. So what to do then? And how come God is so hard to find? What does this mean?


Now I must confess not to have read all of this material – but I have a plan to do so. First to read Paul Draper’s Introduction to get a feel for the overall themes being addressed. Then to read the Introductions to each of the four sections, again to get an overview for each of the themes. Then to each of the debates if the content sounds interesting.


There’s enough for a month or so. Hence only one posting in the Global Web Round-Up series this week!


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