Religion sans gods

  (13 December 13)
  by Greg Spearritt

Religion – at least in the UK – does not now require the worshipping of gods. Scientology, says Britain’s Supreme Court, is now officially a religion.


(The Australian Government is ahead of the game on this: it recognises Scientology as a legitimate religion, at least to the extent that the Church of Scientology gets the same exemptions from paying tax as other religious groups.)




I use of the term "religion" in its wider naturalistic (non-supernaturalist) sense. The way I like to express it is that "religion" is the upholding, realisation and actualisation of the positive (and often the negative) side of our human nature.

Posted by David Miller

I have attended a number of gatherings in Melbourne of The Sunday Assembly. Rather than it being an Atheist Church, as labelled by the media, I find it to be simply a godless church.

Posted by David Miller

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