(06 November 13)
  by Greg Spearritt

Education is the key – or so the ‘gurubusters’ in Mohali, in the Indian state of Punjab, believe. They perform tricks for schoolchildren in a bid to expose the way ‘godmen’ in India use sleight-of-hand and superstition to manipulate the gullible.


Perhaps we could learn from this in Australia. The voices for critical thinking in our nominally secular state schools are poorly organised. Individual teachers do a great job, but we also have nationally-funded school chaplains, many of whom (at least in Queensland where Scripture Union is the employing body) do not believe in evolution and view the Bible as literal truth. Members of local Church congregations, unqualified not only in teaching but even in understanding their own faith, provide Religious Instruction, spreading such ‘truths’ as that the events of the Bible are universally borne out by historical research.


A less gullible population would mean less misery, from the woes of susceptibility to cult-like religious predation to the humiliation and financial loss from online and other scams. Let genuine religion take its rightful place, as a resource for enhancing life, a resource which has nothing to fear from critical thinking.




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