Engaging with the Bible

  (22 October 13)
  by Greg Spearritt

Blogger Alex McCullie spoke to the Melbourne SoF Group in September about "The Story of Exodus: Extraordinary History or Cultural Myth?". The background paper for his talk (’Engaging with the Bible’) is now online.



One of the issues being debated by the Biblical historians and archaeologists at the moment is the question of the origin of the Israelites. The radicals amongst them discount the legendary Biblical account of the invasion of Canaan, as well as the alternate theory of a process of infiltration. These radical historians and archaeologists place the origin of the Israelites in the hundred years following the devastation of the Canaanite coastal cities by the Sea Peoples (Mycenaean, etc) commencing 1200 BC. Israelite is the name given to those Canaanites who, during the gradual collapse of the coastal economies, fled inland to the hills. The Egyptians managed to hold at Gaza the onslaught of those Sea Peoples they called the Peleset. We know them as the Philistines, and the area they settled as Philistia (Palestine).

Posted by David Miller

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