ACL: true heir of Logos

  (13 August 13)
  by Greg Spearritt

In the 1989 Queensland State Election the Toowoomba-based Logos Foundation under Howard Carter and Ian Shelton funded a campaign based on what it saw as key moral issues – ‘family’ values, abortion, pornography and homosexuality.


The Fitzgerald Inquiry had not long shone a devastating light on corruption in the former National Party government of Joh Bjelke-Petersen, but political corruption apparently didn’t rate as a moral issue for Carter and Shelton et al. Indeed, Sir Joh was their blue-eyed boy:


“In our view Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen epitomizes the traditional values of Christian commitment, family life, strong leadership and personal sacrifice.”
(Howard Carter & Ian Shelton, ‘The faith of Sir Joh’, Logos Journal June: 12, 1987 – cited in the article ‘The Logos Foundation: The rise and fall of Christian Reconstructionism in Australia’ by John Harrison)


The Goss Labor government came to power in 1989, ending over 30 years of conservative rule in Queensland. In 1990 Howard Carter was found to have been having an affair with a parishioner and Logos collapsed. Shelton and others regrouped, however, and Shelton continues to this day as Senior Pastor of Toowoomba City Church.  


Ian Shelton’s son Lyle, as Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, has followed the Logos methodology of attempting to influence the political process in favour of those same moral issues. The ACL explicitly aims “to see Christian principles and ethics accepted and influencing the way we are governed, do business and relate to each other as a community.”


The campaign for the ‘Christian principles’ of the Logos Foundation, it should be noted, were strongly opposed in 1989 by, among others, Uniting Church Moderator Don Whebell, Anglican Archbishop Sir John Grindrod, Lutheran Church president Pastor Paul Renner and Baptist Union head, Pastor Fred Stallard. Toowoomba Uniting Minister Rev. Ray Lindenmayer is quoted from that time as commenting on Carter’s “extreme social, political and religious views” and claiming that “his organisation exploits people's anxieties and insecurities to push their far right-wing agenda".   


A feature of the 1989 crusade by Logos was a set of questions on key moral issues targeted at candidates. The ACL in 2013 is proving itself a true heir of the Logos Foundation: its key issues are the familiar ones of ‘family’ values, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and prostitution and it is intending to widely publicise the opinions, especially on gay marriage, of local candidates. Despite its claim that it aims “to foster a more compassionate, just and moral society”, there is not a word on the ACL’s ‘Make  a Stand’ page about asylum-seekers.




It is with gratitude that I remember the 'good' that flowed from the Logos Peoples work when Jeremy Lee alerted us to the results of research he undertook at Martin Place Sydney early 70's. He spoke from the pulpits of church halls and radiated the integrity of a special caring human being. His closing line for his talks ; '...but you better hurry because we don't have much time. (he talked of NWO now on our door step, and subversion of Australia is now in its final stages. We need to ALL get together and give a real display (as often as it takes) of PEOPLE POWER. Greenwoods owned the property where the Celebrations for winning the Battle of Waterloo was held for London in 1815. The King, Duke of Wellington (we were personal friends -hence my dear Uncles name; William Ellington Greenwood) And as we were bankers, Nathan Rothschild was in attendance after the bankers had funded mad King GeorgeIII Napoleonic war. Nathan, of course also funded the French. History repeats because Nature Cycles. We merely 'count' and so Time is 'Linear' 1815, 1916, 2017 for a 100.8 yr cycle. WHEN will man learn ? using God Given Consciousness !! Weather Cycles in 4 seasons, in turn cycling once in 25,920years. This happens because the 'Tropical Year is 20 minutes shorter than Sidereal Yr(denoted by star position)Hence the 25,920yrs. Weather Naturally changes, and as each 'season' moves on to the next quarter as cycle progresses thru time sentient man is unaware. Needs to be taught in schools- God is in control! UN agendas that produce the pseudo science they call 'climatesciensce' is as phoney as the PC that is generated from the 589 tracts of the Marxist fabians who own the UN (bought in 1995 by Socialist Inc (fabianSocy set up in Sov State of New York with Rockerfeller $). In 1815, Rchilds bought a bankrupt Britain, just as in 1906, Rfeller bought a bankrupt America with rchilds money and knowhow to set up Sovn State. True students of Gods Majesic mastery of the Cosmos et al could learn from history, you would think !!

Posted by jeff greenwood

Oh, I meant to inquire... Is Brad Carter (Professor of Astrophysics at Toowoomba Uni of Southern Cross) the son of the late Howard Carter b1936 ??

Posted by jeff greenwood

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