Signs and wonders

  (23 May 13)
  by Greg Spearritt

The Australian Christian Lobby (“a voice for values”) boasts that it has recently

Played the major public role in defending marriage, including raising what must be one of the largest petitions by the church in Australia at 100,586 signatures.

Presumably this campaign involved what News Ltd is referring to in a recent article:

THE Australian Christian lobby has issued a bizarre statement arguing that same sex marriage could lead to a new "stolen generation", and would inevitably lead to children being taught the mechanics of homosexual sex in school sex education classes.

In a rambling statement, the Lobby's managing director Lyle Shelton said Kevin Rudd's overnight change-of-mind ignored the consequence of "robbing children of their biological identity through same-sex surrogacy and other assisted reproductive technologies".

The tide of history is clearly in the process of sweeping away these out-dated and unjust views, just as it swept away slavery, apartheid and an earth-centred cosmos, all of which have been staunchly defended by Christians (and based, as the ACL claims to be, on “a Biblical worldview”) at one time or another.     

You’d think Bible-based Christians might be impressed by ‘signs and wonders’ such as the gay rainbow referred to by conservative New Zealand MP Maurice Williamson in his impressive speech supporting the NZ legislation in favour of gay marriage.

Again, New Zealand leads the way: how long before Australian politicians genuinely represent their electorates on the matter?


Wonderful piece by the SMH's Julia Baird on the reaction to Rudd's change of mind on gay marriage:

Posted by Greg

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