Madly spiritual

  (07 January 13)
  by Greg Spearritt

The SMH reports on a study by a group based around the Faculty of Brain Sciences at the University College London Medical School which investigated links between the mental health of people in England and their religious or spiritual beliefs. (35% of respondents in the study had a religious understanding of life, 19% were spiritual but not religious and 46% were neither religious nor spiritual.)

The conclusion? “People who have a spiritual understanding of life in the absence of a religious framework are vulnerable to mental disorder.”

Is there something about institutional religion and scepticism/disbelief that keeps people somehow ‘grounded’?



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Posted by Christ

mentally chalemged people have a very different idea about the spiritual beliefs. here i got to read about the study that was conducted and it made a good read for me. thank for sharing a topic that has a very good relevance, keep sharing and updating.

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Posted by David Miller

Is there anyone meeting in Adelaide now? If not I'd like to host. Peter 0417 803 198

Posted by peter

Nice one Greg. This is a big,big question. One we might well put to some of the folk coming to our seminar tomorrow with Maurice Whelan and The AAGP. Sorry I have been so late in replying and won't go on.Perhaps the people who are prone to mental disorder and who have recourse to the medical/therapy profession are those people who are isolated from society and have no stable friendship group. It is not just the Church that has some therapeutic potential but any institution that is stable and the rules are clearly expounded helps folks to contain their madness.

Posted by judith bore

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