Religion under attack

  (29 December 12)
  by Greg Spearritt

Religion Under Attack, a recent book by Nigel Leaves explores – intelligently for a change, with nuance – those attacking religion and what the Church’s response ought to be. Cordelia Hull was impressed.



If, as Cordelia Hull concludes, Nigel Leaves wishes God's mystery and unknowability to be restored, the this is merely a return to the God of the Gaps.

Posted by David Miller

Frederick claims Nigel is "closely associated with the right-wing 'traditionalists' who essentially despise the kind of liberal and/or progressive kind of religion that the Sea of Faith advocates". Have to disagree there. His books are published by Polebridge Press, the publishing arm of the Westar Institute (indeed, Nigel is a Fellow of the Institute). Hardly a right-wing or 'traditionalist' mob.

Posted by Greg

I don't think Nigel is arguing here for preserving a God, as such. I think he is arguing for a 'softer' (rather than a more fundamentalist) response to the attackers of religion. And I certainly agree that Nigel's is a better, more pragmatic, option. I'd rather a softie Anglican than a fundamentalist Islamist or fundamentalist atheist any day. It is the endless bickering about the TYPE of god (god of gaps, omnipotent god, judgemental god etc) that gets us into so much trouble. Let's just say we don't *$@# know and leave it at that !!

Posted by Cordelia Hull

Which and whose "theology"? There is now more "theology" available than ever before. More people studying it, and more people writing it. Is there anything new to be said? Plus if you check out the company that Nigel keeps (Standpoint Magazine for instance) you will find that he is closely associated with the right-wing "traditionalists" who essentially despise the kind of liberal and/or progressive kind of religion that the Sea of Faith advocates. But does "theology" have anything to do with Truth & Reality? And is it capable of changing anything at the subjective depth level - remembering that all Real Understanding occurs at the subjective depth level. The problem of true knowledge and Spiritual Truth is not "theological" or intellectual, lingustic or cultural. It is the problem of the Spirit, of the feeling-Heart. It is the problem of Realization. There is nothing to be believed and no dogma to be attained. Truth is Revealed, not published. The task before us is not the purification or ever more perfect rendering of ancient texts and matters of (presumed) report. This is a temptation based on the need for the illusion of certainity, and thus by extension, power and control. The pursuit of the literate answer, the mental fortress like solutions of our philosophy and "theology", is uniquely responsible for the confusion and smallness, the self-involved and fear based anxious energy of Western life and "Spiritual" teaching. Reality It-Self demands that we must be liberated from our bondage to externals, of which the past is a primary form. We must become open to what is always already available at the center of Life and Consciousness. There is only Consciousness and Radiant Light, the Energy of Consciousness.

Posted by Frederick

For the usual dreadfully sane every person, including all "theologians" the death of bodies is a philosophical matter that causes untrust, distrust, and fear, a matter that fills us with philosophical and "theological" propositions that are Godless, Ecstasyless, Blissless. As a matter of fact, the cosmic domain is just like Mother Kali. Exactly so. It is full of death, full of process, full of changes. Ecstasy and thus Real Life requires trust and the utter acceptance of death!

Posted by Frederick

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