Happy New Year

  (28 December 12)
  by Greg Spearritt

“Don’t worry,” sang Bobby McFerrin in 1988; “be happy”. Leszek KoĊ‚akowski tells why none of us, bar the ignorant, can in fact have a Happy New Year – including God. His argument is persuasive.

Nonetheless, let’s make the most of the potential inherent in our New Year celebrations. The idea that things can be better than they are now has been one of the hallmarks of western thinking. In line with that tradition, a determination to make the world less miserable – by whatever means – would be a grand resolution. Maybe small-h ‘happy’ is do-able in 2013.



How dismal! Please find an alternative to that dismal perspective. Happiness is the now-and-forever Mystery that IS the Real Heart and the Only Real God of every one. ALWAYS remember that your inherent heart-disposition wants and needs Infinite, Absolute, True, Eternal Happiness. The fundamental human urge and need is not gross in its nature. The fundamental human urge and need is not food, sex, power, "things", or even physical survival. The fundamental human urge and need is happiness - but not in the mere satisfaction-of-self sense. The fundamental human urge and need is ECSTASY - or the free exercise of the ability to step outside (or to effectively exceed and transcend) the point-of-view-bondage of egoic and, altogether, mortal physical "self"-identity. What would Happen if all of humankind were - now, and forever hereafter- allowed complete, unobstructed, and Perfectly ecstatic access to Inherently egoless Truth Itself? What would Happen if - instead of access to merely "gross realist", or "scientific materialist", or exclusively exoteric, and traditionally "official, and anti-ecstatic, and anti-magical, and anti-metaphysical, and anti-Spiritual "ego-Truth" and pseudo-Ultimacy - all of humankind were, from now on, allowed complete and unobstructed and Perfectly ecstatic access to Inherently egoless Truth Itself? What would Happen if - from now on - the political, social, economic, and cultural totality of humankind were allowed to establish and perpetuate itself entirely and only on the Perfectly ecstatic basis of the Inherently egoless Truth That IS Reality Itself? The above words were written by the Radiant Being who was/is the inspiration for the book introduced here. http://global.adidam.org/books/danavira-mela.html

Posted by Frederick

Please also find a very sobering Understanding of what Western "culture" in particular, in both its secular and "religious" forms is really all about. www.beezone.com/AdiDa/Aletheon/ontranscendingtheinsubordinatemind.html Also the Signs of the Times via: www.beezone.com/AddDa/jesusandme.html www.ispeace723.org

Posted by Frederick

I agree with Leszek Kolakowski that happiness is fleeting, and tempered by the unhappiness of others. I prefer the term 'satisfaction' rather than 'happiness'. It is more generally applicable. Achieving goals might give me satisfaction, but not necessarily happiness. And working towards those goals is often gruelling as well as boring.

Posted by David Miller

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