Fighting Fat with Faith

  (10 January 08)
  by Greg Spearritt

From humble beginnings with the 3D Plan (“eat well, live well, love God”) in the 1970s, faith-based dieting has ballooned over the last decade. God seems to be as firmly entrenched as ever in the weight-loss business, though some faith-based diets may not necessarily be good for you. It seems mainly to be obese American Christians seeking inspiration to slim down and tone up, though others occasionally show interest (including Wiccans).
Most recently, Pastor Steve Reynolds of the Capital Baptist Church in Virginia has a big thing going with his “four keys to a better body” on his ‘bod4god’ site.
Christians are supposed to take incarnation seriously, but over a millennium they seriously devalued – if not demeaned – the physical body. Is American obesity driving a change of mind, or is faith-based dieting a sign that western Christianity is in tune with the this-worldly secularism of our times?


Faith-based dieting is essential for a sane and healthy interior life.
The spiritual flab that protrudes from pulpits and evangelical radios, tv stations and pulp media is the result of consuming creedal fats that have been standing for far too long, since the 3rd century AD and will slowly kill you.
Leave frieds completely alone. They are made sizzling hot in fast food outlets(churches) where they are prepared in tandoor ovens and fires stoked in hellfire by angry priests.
Strongly recommended is any diet that is stir fried. Stir is always nourishing to the spirit of good,clean and sensible living.
Drink plenty of water(prayer or meditation/contemplation) to wash away remnants of secret hangovers from subtle evangelical past times. The Muslims drink 5 litres a day but ofcourse of a different spring. Not recommended as it is cloudy in texture and may not support a clear and healthy result!

Posted by robert halsey

Stir-fried? You're well qualified to do the stirring, Robert! :)

Posted by Greg Spearritt

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