Insulting Islam

  (17 September 12)
  by Greg Spearritt

If it’s a beheading-kind of offence to insult the Prophet, surely it’s a criminal offence to carry signs (or worse, allow young children to carry signs) that insult our tolerant Australian culture by advocating murder. Not to mention the offence of engaging in violent protest against people who had nothing to do with, and didn’t even approve of, the offending anti-Islam film.

I’m probably going along with Andrew Bolt on this one (though I can’t be sure, as I’d rather gnaw off a finger than pay good money to read just about anything he says). I’m certainly in tune with Waleed Aly’s view that a serious conversation must be had in Australia, and before too long.

It’s the few extremists we saw in Sydney who were doing the insulting - not just of Australian society, but of the many good-hearted Australian Muslims with enough intelligence to know when something deserves to be utterly ignored.



The world is aligning along the Love forgiveness through to Fear and hate continuum. It is for us to chose, the fate of the world rests on it.

Posted by John IRVINE

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